Why Kids love to camp at Areena

Posted on: November 27, 2020, in Adventure & Fun, News

Remember when as a kid you could safely play outdoors and have fun? Well, at Areena Riverside Resort, your kids can and they love the freedom. Kids can be kids, swim in the river if they want to, climb trees, ride their bikes and be safe.

Our large playground has a trampoline, round about, swings, slide and a treehouse for the adventurous. Our second playground is near to the restaurant for those wanting to have a cup of coffee while the kids play. The fenced in swimming pool area has a giant chess board to learn the game of chess, between swimming sessions.

Our river is the perfect place to catch the first fish, or to play in the mud or just have a swim. Of course making new friends is what being a kid is all about, and new friends are to be found while on holiday. Don’t forget to pack in their bicycles, the kids love to ride from one end of the park to the next with their new friends.

Of course, grabbing a milkshake and a burger at the restaurant is always a hit. Enjoy some adventure activities with your children take them on a quad safari, a paddle down the river or to meet Abby our friendly giraffe.

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