My Days off

Posted on: May 11, 2022, in Adventure & Fun

Zebra at the front door

PJ the zebra visiting Peta

My Days Off

I love the fact that on my days off, I am at peace.

My name is Peta, I have been living on the Areena Property for just over a month now.  My boy’s Seth who is 12 and Reid who is 10 live with me. They often tell me they love their new home and are so happy living here.  And I must admit I love living here too.

Weekends are a bit different to most, in other words my weekend falls on a Thursday and Friday.  I wake up and make myself a coffee, go and sit on my front ”stoep”. Sitting and listen out for the calling of what must be about 5 different types of birds.  Listening to the distant sound of the ocean and the light rustling of the trees.

Beautiful Mornings

My mornings are always filled with visitors, mostly a big family of Wildebeest with 2 babies, A family of Nyala who are grazing peacefully, right in my front garden.  Occasionally I have a “Giant” visitor, you know him, yes Abby and he will not leave until I give him some sort of love.

My day consists of doing all the domestic cleaning and taking kids to and from school and every afternoon I have an extra special visitor who comes and visits for his daily apple.  I have named him PJ. He is a Zebra after all.  Sometimes I enjoy a short, afternoon nap on my days off and I love falling asleep to the sounds of the wilderness outside.

For the first time in my life, I actually love hanging the washing out.  I go our to my wash line and am surrounded by greenery, the inquisitive animals come and roam around me, watching me.

Star Gazing nights

At night its amazing, I see millions of beautiful stars in the complete blackness of the night.  I look out in to the reserve and see eyes luminating through the bushes, staring back at me.  Who needs watch dogs, when you have buck, zebra, giraffe and other animals keeping you safe at night?




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