River view dinning at Areena Quays Restaurant

Posted on: October 29, 2020, in Areena Quays Restaurant, News

The best way to enjoy a burger is with a beautiful river view, and this is just what we offer at Areena Quays Restaurant. Our restaurant is right on the banks of the Kwelera River, with active bird life to watch and krantz flora to enjoy on the opposite side of the river. Watch canoe enthusiasts paddle leisurely by. After your meal, you too can hire a canoe and enjoy a paddle down river.

Our menu is a variety of family friendly meals, from burgers, to pizza, surf and turf, healthy breakfasts and decadent desserts. Our bar has sundowners and cold beers ready for you to enjoy while relaxing on the deck.

The relaxing atmosphere from the river, is the best way to start your weekend sharing a tasty breakfast with the family. Watch the kingfisher catch his breakfast in the river, while you enjoy yours.

Early evening will find the mullet jumping in the river, leaving ripples as they dart up and down. This is the perfect time to try one of our sundowners.

We welcome all guests from the resort as well as the public to Areena Quays Restaurant. Your booking can be made by calling or sending us a what’s app message to 071 720 5867

Areena Quays Restaurant, riverside dinning

Beautiful view from the restaurant deck.

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