Luxury River cruise on the Kwelera River

Posted on: February 2, 2020, in Adventure & Fun, News, Specials

R255 and R445 limited drinks and snacks included on board, min/max 15 persons. Ranging from a mini lux option with 2 drinks and 2 snack platters, to a full lux option with 4 drinks and 5 snack platters included. This hour long lavish cruise on the Kwelera River is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday, anniversary or just to spoil a loved one. Tide dependant, give us a call to discuss availability, 043 734 3055.

The Kwelera River is a most scenic river estuary, with wild vegetation of cycads and aloes along the kranz banks. Abundant birdlife can be seen and even the occasion buck along the banks of the river can be spotted, keep a keen eye out for the Fish Eagle you are often seen soaring above the river.

Your cruise will start at the Areena Quays Restaurant jetty and take a slow trip down river as close to the mouth as is possible. As this is a tidal river, the sandbanks of the mouth are ever changing. A turn around point at the mouth, before you take the slow trip back up river, to end back at the Areena Quays Restaurant Jetty.

Luxury Rivercruise snacks
Guests enjoying a luxury cruise onboard the Kareena
Champagne and orange juice onboard the Kareena river cruiser

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