Lucky Lynx sighting

Posted on: November 27, 2020, in Adventure & Fun, News

Have you ever watch a nature program and wished you could see some of the wondrous sightings or animal hunts in persons? To be amazed at the natural order of life unfold in front of your very eyes?

That very opportunity presented itself at Areena Riverside Resort, a little while ago. An excited few Areena guests and residents where very lucky to spot a lynx kill a bush buck, right across the river from them.  Captured through the lens of guest camping at Areena after it was spotted by a resident, the photographs are a sight to behold.

The excitement and thrill soon trickled through the resort as the residents started to share the sighting among themselves, and on social media. A baby cub was also seen playing about the mother on the riverbank.

A Lynx or Rooikat or Caracal as it is known in South Africa, is a powerful cat with pointy ears as its most distinguishing feature. Powerful legs, large paws and short tail, make this cat suited to leaping in the air and even catching birds in mid-air, can run down its prey with a death bite to the throat or back of the neck.  The Lynx is a highly secretive and nocturnal, and tricky to observe, making this sighting even more amazing.  It has a reddish tan or sandy coat, making it blend into its surroundings very well.

The Lynx features on the coat of arms of the Lilyfontein School, the local school of the area. A once in a life time real life experience which we are so honoured to share with you all.

Caracal with Bushbuck kill

Lynx with bush buck it has just killed



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