Let’s Hike Club Visit Areena Riverside Resort

Posted on: October 8, 2018, in Adventure & Fun, News

The Lets Hike Club chose Areena as their hiking destination of choice on the 30 September 2018 and we were very happy to welcome them for the first time to Areena. With a great amount of interest shown from their members, we saw 120 hikers joining the group on the Sunday morning.  A 10 km hike through the Areena game reserve, took everyone up to the abseil cliffs and down into the farm lands and back through the scenic routes of Areena to the resort.

The group was treated to an impromptu Abby interaction, great game viewing and of course our amazing scenery.  Some of the hikers did find the route little tougher than they expected with the hilly Areena terrain, but everyone finished with big smiles.

Areena Quays Restaurant was a great watering hole after the hike, to share game viewing and Abby experiences.

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