Family Tennis fun at Areena

Posted on: January 6, 2021, in Adventure & Fun, News

A popular attraction at Areena Riverside Resort is the beautifully surfaced tennis court. The usage of the tennis court for guests staying at the resort is absolutely free. Although we encourage guests to bring their own tennis rackets, we do have some for rental in reception, and sell tennis balls as well.
The game of tennis was first played in 1873, and is still a popular activities for all ages. A great family game to enjoy and if you have never played before it is an easy game to master. Why not have a challenging game of tennis while on holiday, and get some exercise while having fun. Come and perfect your Wimbledon winning serve. The longest tennis match was 11 hours and 5 minutes long, if you planning a session like this, then we have the flood lights at the court to keep you going, and Areena Quays Restaurant will refuel you at the end.
Our tennis court is set in the gardens surrounded by a citrus orchard on one side, pine trees on the other, and beautiful bougainvillea bushes. Remember to pack your tennis gear next time you holiday with us and you can enjoy your very own tennis challenge.

Tennis racquet and ball

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