Coral Trees at Areena

Posted on: January 6, 2021, in Adventure & Fun, News

You know spring has arrived at Areena Riverside Resort, when you see the thick red mass of brilliant flowers of the Coral Tree. The beautiful Coral Tree, or lucky bean tree is a welcoming site at the resort entrance and dotted about the resort. In spring time it bursts into bloom, with the fiery red tubular flowers covering the whole tree canopy. The flowers appear before the leaves, so you get to enjoy a carpet of red flowers. These red flowers call out to the many birds who assist with pollination and then seed dispersal. The tree provides a haven for nesting birds, and the dead wood of the Coral Tree is soft and makes an ideal nesting place for the Barbets, and Woodpeckers. Hollow tree trunks are often called home by swarms of bees, enjoying the nectar as much as the birds.

The lucky beans or the seeds of the Coral Tree, which pop out of 65mm long pods, are poisonous if swallowed, although many like to collect the colourful little seed, even making colourful necklaces. The leaves and bark have many medicinal properties, from reducing inflammation to assisting with ear and tooth ache.

One of our campers Gwen Rea snapped this happy Black Headed Oriole enjoying the blooms of the tree in Areena Riverside Resort.

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