Congratulations to Candice and Specky

Posted on: October 8, 2018, in Adventure & Fun, News

Our very own Candice Stanton, who you all know from the Areena office, took part in the recent Horse Jumping Competition held in Komga as part of the Komga Agricultural show 2018 and did us proud. Specky her 12 year old thoroughbred chestnut mare did a great job in tackling and clearing all her jumps with ease. Having had a break from competition for the last 4 years, Candice decided it was time to get back in the saddle so to speak.

The team of Candice and Specky won a first following competitions they took part in:

  1. Welcome stakes – 8 jumps of 90 cm they did a clear round – First Place
  2. Accumulator – course of 8 jumps, and 8th could be exchanged for a joker jump with a higher point value, riders are competing for highest points – First Place.
  3. Power Jump – competition open to all riders to see who can jump the highest, Specky won her class finishing on 1.2m. First Place
  4. Speed and Precision – 12 jumps, first 6 jumps are timed for speed and the last 6 jumps are judged on precision. – First Place

And in the last class of the day, the Championship Class – a clear round course of 8 jumps with a jump off course on time, she was placed as Reserve Champion.

We are very proud of the two of them, and hope to see some great results in the future.

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