Posted on: November 6, 2019, in Adventure & Fun, News

I had the opportunity to join Amatola Water on their recent 4 x 4 training hosted by Ford Adventure Club at Areena recently.  Many locals spotted the numerous vehicles in the game reserve over the few days that the training was hosted, and were curious as to what exactly was happening.

The Level 1 training, included some theory and then whole lot of practical driving through obstacles provided by the natural terrain of Areena. I got to drive along at almost a 40 degree angle with the vehicle feeling as if it wanted to roll over, quite an experience, but under the supervision of the amazing instructors, I felt in control the whole time. The group had the opportunity to receive some great experience driving through our dam overflow area, in muddy sections and up steep sections of the reserve area. For some drivers it was quite an experience and the thrill and achievement on their faces was very evident as they took their vehicles through the technical sections of their training, and coming out on top.   Of course, Abby the giraffe, had to do his PR thing, and often joined in some of the training days.

With the success of the training, and the incredible terrain on offer at Areena for such training, we are looking forwards to further training sessions in the future.

Amatola Water participants in the Ford 4X4 Training held at Areena Riverside Resort
Participants of the Ford 4X4 Training at the Areena Riverside Resort Dam getting briefing on the next obstacle
Abby the giraffe, joining in on the Ford 4X4 training at Areena Riverside Resort

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