Areena Quays Restaurant

Posted on: January 14, 2019, in Areena Quays Restaurant, News

featuring the Burger dreams are made of:

Handmade burger patties, fresh bread rolls, delectable chips and sauces to make your day that is what Areena Quays Restaurant Burgers are all about. Our patties are made in our kitchen with love and care to ensure you get the best beef or chicken burger pattie.  Our sauces are just as amazing as our burgers, you have a choice of cheese, mushroom, peri-peri, blue cheese, pepper and garlic sauces to dress your burger.  With options like the “French Connection” burger, which has caramelised onions and a blue cheese sauce, or the “Amabokka Burger” topped with cheddar cheese, bacon and an egg, you can’t go wrong.

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