Areena, a place we call home

Posted on: July 6, 2020, in Adventure & Fun, News

A camping holiday with the grandchildren back in 2000, started their love of Areena. A few years later, having loved what Areena offered they took up a more permanent site and become an Areena Clubmember. Fast forward a few more years, Ann sold her business and they both decided to give living at Areena a try for five months. They loved living at Areena so much they decided to extend their stay for a while. That ‘while’ was over 5 years ago and they still love living in the Areena paradise they call home.

‘We love the peace and security for the whole family. Friendly staff and residents. Daily sighting of wild animals’

Ann had the pleasure of nurturing and caring for Impi, a male impala, after his birth, when he was found alone in the game reserve, when his life hung in the balance. She was part of the team that took great care of Impi and today he is a permanent and cheeky resident at Areena.

‘We have seen Areena grow from rough and overgrown veld (when we thought Ed, the resort owner was crazy) to the beautiful Resort that it is today’

Ann and Gavin are active members of the Areena community, enjoying their nature walks, bird watching, Ann knits for charity and live they by the motto of …”Be thankful and enjoy  every day, it may be your last.”

The featured couple

Ann and Gavin Pudifin

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