Abby the Giraffe stars in his own Interactions

Posted on: November 1, 2018, in Adventure & Fun, Meet Abby, News

Abby the Giraffe is the star

Everybody’s favourite giraffe Abby is now the star of his own interaction sessions. For those of you who do not know who or what Abby is, let me enlighten you. Abby is our mature male giraffe, (Abby standing for Abnormally Big Baby) who was bottle fed by Areena Staff as a not so little baby – basically he has been hand reared. He loves to socialise, visit with guests, give them licks with his giant tongue, share a bit of giraffe spit and well just basically educate people about Giraffes from a one to one basis.

You too can book an Abby Interaction, there is a fee involved, looking after a giraffe is not cheap, but the experience you will have is once in a lifetime, and the photographs you will take are priceless.  Our adventure guides who take you to visit with Abby, will share some interesting facts about giraffes with you as well.

Recently Abby photobombed a wedding shoot at Areena, resulting in some epic wedding pics for the newlyweds. These wedding pics not only made the local press, but the international press as well, and went viral on social media. Abby is truly an internal icon in the giraffe world and you can say: “HI!” to him, give us a call to book your giraffe interaction, 043 734 3055.

Check out Ollie and the Captain’s Abby Giraffe experience here:

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