Abby is a Dad, new baby born on 26 June 2017

Posted on: July 12, 2017, in Meet Abby, News

New baby giraffe born at Areena Riverside Resort 26 June 2017

Our very own Abby the giraffe has become a Dad, having his first offspring born, on the 26th June 2017.

The exciting news seems to have prompted friends of the resort, previous guests and community lovers to submitting name suggestions for the baby giraffe.

Currently the baby’s sex is unknown, however the little one is apparently doing extremely well.

The baby giraffe has been closely guarded by two Giraffes; Graffiti (Baby’s Mom) and Sahara (Baby’s Aunt) who have been escorting the little one around the game farm area, presumably to show off the new baby to the rest of the animals that call Areena home.

Due to the influx of name suggestions, owner; Ed Rathbone has decided to give away a Sunday Buffet Lunch for two at Areena Quays Restaurant, to the person with the best name suggestion for the new born giraffe.

A decision will be made on soon, and the lucky name submitter will be announced! Simply email with your name suggestion for the baby giraffe and stand a chance in winning a lovely riverside resort buffet Sunday lunch for two.

The Areena Riverside Resort is the perfect place for families and friends to enjoy the tranquillity and adventures the outdoors have to offer.


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