A romantic proposal

Posted on: February 1, 2021, in Adventure & Fun, News

Imagine thinking you are coming to Areena for a delicious lunch, at Areena Quays Restaurant. You see a photographer taking pictures of the river and your boyfriend, who usually does not speak to strangers, asks the photographer to take a photo of the two of you. He happily agrees, and suggest you take the ‘Titanic’ pose of arms in the air over the deck railing looking out over the river. You do this, and turn around to find your boyfriend kneeling down in front of you holding a beautiful ring, and proposing. Well this is what happened to Magenta Contell, on the weekend of the 9 January 2021.

Cleverly her boyfriend Damian Veronese,  knew she had just had a manicure appointment beforehand, so her hands would look amazing for the engagement ring photos, he had pre-arranged with the photographer, to be just loitering around at the right time to capture the moment, they would remember for ever.

What a wonderfully romantic partnership these two are destined to have, when such fore thought to little details are carried out. Putting your partner first is the key to staying together.

We would love to congratulate Magenta Contell and Damian Veronese on their engagement. A lovely local couple who we wish every joy and happiness for a long life together.

Proposal at Areena

Magenta and Damian proposal

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