Local Restaurants on our route

Posted on: July 1, 2021, in Adventure & Fun

Try different local restaurants on our route when you next visit Areena Riverside Resort. You can enjoy breakfasts, lunches out doors, and dinners with beach views, river views and country settings all offering a unique experience.

Areena Quays Restaurant

Our very own Areena Quays Restaurant is situated on the banks of the Kwelera River. You can enjoy wonderful river views while enjoying the ever popular burger from the menu. A kiddies menu, playground and outdoor seating, make it the perfect setting for families to enjoy a meal together.

Barefoot café

A wonderfully relaxed country setting is what you will find at Barefoot Café.  You will find homemade pizza bases, fresh ingredients, and loads of love going into the fare at Barefoot Café. Situated in Cintsa East,

 “Our vision was to create a laid back place where all are welcome and all sorts of people can just come in, get together and kick back and let their hair down! “

Bungalow on the Beach

The newest offering from the Crawfords family is the Bungalow on the Beach, a laid back setting with a stunning sea view, set under the milkwood’s. Excellent service and good food is what you will find. Pizza specials, karaoke evenings and comfy couches will welcome you to the East Coast lifestyle and this is a good reason to visit our local restaurants.

The Cricketer  –  our local steak restaurant

If steaks are your thing, then a dinner at The Cricketer, is a must. Located at Two Swans Wedding Farm a mere 10km down the road. “Smashing Steaks” and great service is what you will find at The Crickter.

Tea in the Trees

A wonderful foresty setting is Tea in the Trees, on the Cintsa West Corner.

“Excellent vibe, beautiful setting, delicious food, fabulous staff and the absolute BEST coffee! Kate and her team have created something special.” – Nadia Janse van Vuuren

Enjoy these amazing local restaurants on our route!

Local Restaurant on our route Bungalow on the beach Local restaurant on our route - Barefoot Cafe Local restaurant on our route - Tea in the trees Local restaurant on our route - The Cricketer Areena Quays Restaurant

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