Camping, a growing trend

Posted on: July 29, 2021, in Adventure & Fun

Camping and caravanning is growing in popularity. The new way of enjoying a holiday that won’t break the bank. Families to pensioners, everyone is catching the camping bug. We are experiencing an influx of new holiday makers taking up the camping and caravanning holiday lifestyle .

A sense of adventure goes hand in hand with the idea of camping and caravanning, being able to explore more out-of-the-way places has great appeal. Enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and the different way of cooking.  Your holiday experience is now more enticing than ever before.

The cost of renting a site at a camp ground is so much more affordable than a guest house or hotel. While there is a place for the luxury stay,  the camping holiday is able to fit into average family budget.  Camping is encouraging people who would normally stay home, to embark on adventures and experience that they would have never otherwise considered.

What you get at a campsite

Most camping and caravanning resorts, have both grassed and cemented sites. Electricity is mostly available at each site but if no electricity is available at the resort, it is always made well clear.  A braai stand is generally part of your site, while the availability of a grid varies from resort to resort.

Mainly you will find communal ablutions available, but private ablutions are available at some resorts. Expect hot water at the ablution unless otherwise stated.  A water point is generally nearby to your site. Dishwashing facilities and laundry facilities are not standard, but most resorts offer both. Resorts are geared to offer the best experience to all.

Getting outdoors has never been more important.  With the numerous lockdowns we have all had to endure this past year being outside is now a higher priority than ever before.

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