Adventure Village begins a new chapter

Posted on: December 2, 2021, in Adventure & Fun

As the festive season kicks off, our Adventure Village begins a new chapter. Like a worm out grows its skin, so the Adventure village has outgrown its humble office. A beautiful bigger village has grown as a butterfly does, into its full potential.

We are full of excitement with the new home of our adventures. Slightly higher up the resort from the previous situation, and within the game reserve. A scenic waiting area to enjoy. With stunning backdrops for selfies, be sure to arrive a little earlier to make the most of the photo opportunities.


The NAV (New Adventure Village) as we refer to it as, is running full steam ahead this season. Expect to enjoy all your favourite adventure activities at the NAV.

Abby, our giraffe regularly makes an appearance at the NAV, just to check up on the action and fun. Quad biking in the game reserve is still the most popular activity to do from the NAV. If you have never tried a quad bike adventure, then I encourage you to book one with us soon. You will get to enjoy game viewing like you have never experienced before. Don’t be put off if you have never driven a quad bike before. The NAV guides will give you a quad bike briefing and the tour is a slow drive.

Adventures at the NAV are by booking only, as the demand for fun is high. Our friendly security guards on duty, are always willing to help you. The big smiles on all our staff are testament to the fun and welcome you will always get at Areena.

The NAV is a product of our live adventure booking system we implemented last year. Bookings have never been more streamlined or easier to navigate.

See you at the NAV this holiday.

New Adventure Village

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