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Fun Food Fact Escargot
Food Fun Facts

Here are some interesting fun facts about food. Food Fun Facts about Garlic, I bet you did not know! During both World Wars, garlic was used as a wound antiseptic. Garlic was discovered in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Many ancient cultures believed that garlic would protect against evil spirits. Garlic contains both Vitamin A…

Mother’s Day Buffet Sunday 12 May 2019

 Mums were spoilt this year with a delicious lunch buffet at Areena Quays Restaurant, it included a small gift for the moms, and PLUS 1 Lucky Lady – Lucille won a Pure Bliss Back Massage from Areena Spa. Here is a sneak peek at what you missed out on… so don’t delay, bookings for Father’s…

Calling all Pensioners to Areena Quays Restaurant on Thursdays 2019

Thursdays at Areena Quays Restaurant is Pensioners Special day – come and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner is on special every Thursday. Bookings essential 071 7205867. The evenings are very festive, often with live music provided by one of the Areena residents. Looking forwards to welcoming you to our next pensioner day.