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Camping, a growing trend

Camping and caravanning is growing in popularity. The new way of enjoying a holiday that won’t break the bank. Families to pensioners, everyone is catching the camping bug. We are experiencing an influx of new holiday makers taking up the camping and caravanning holiday lifestyle . A sense of adventure goes hand in hand with…

Areena, a place we call home

A camping holiday with the grandchildren back in 2000, started their love of Areena. A few years later, having loved what Areena offered they took up a more permanent site and become an Areena Clubmember. Fast forward a few more years, Ann sold her business and they both decided to give living at Areena a…

An Areena History of the beginning

Ever wonder how Areena came about? Well here is a highlights version of the story. Ed and Karen Rathbone started with a caravan park in 1984, but back then you could hire only one of the 34 sites on offer along the Kwelera River, compared to the 150 sites they have today. These sites had…

Areena by Sunset, can be enjoyed by you too

What a beautiful silhouette the caravan park makes.  Imagine sitting on the river’s edge, the water lapping the edge, fishing rod in the water waiting to entice the ‘big one’, the peace and tranquility provided by mother nature, not to mention the Fish Eagle calling overhead, as it circles the river. Well you don’t have…