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Where did the Areena in Areena Riverside Resort Originate?

The name AREENA originates from the Rathbone family itself. Nola Rathbone (Ed Rathbone’s mother) used the front letters of her 6 family members as the farm name of the property that Areena Riverside Resort is now on. A – ALON – SECOND OLDEST SON- (Alon is Nola spelt backwards) R – RUSSEL- THIRD BROTHER, (deceased)…

Areena Residents for over 30 years Roy and Maureen Stagg share their story beginnings.

Roy and Maureen Stagg arrived at Areena 1st February 1990. They have lived here permanently for over 30 years and this is how it all started for them: We arrived to meet with Ed & Karen at the end of January 1990 walking across the field to pick out our site for our Cabana home. …

An Areena History of the beginning

Ever wonder how Areena came about? Well here is a highlights version of the story. Ed and Karen Rathbone started with a caravan park in 1984, but back then you could hire only one of the 34 sites on offer along the Kwelera River, compared to the 150 sites they have today. These sites had…