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Areena Office ladies crazy group photo
Areena Headquarters, a typical day

Areena Headquarters – a typical day if we were the military, run by Major Ed Rathbone and his wife Colonel Karen. For instance, there are 3 soldiers;  Private’s Charne’, Peta and Marien,  Captain Carolyn, Colonel and Major Karen and Ed Rathbone and of course our Veteran Meryl. 08h00 the doors open.  Before this happens though,…

Areena, a place we call home

A camping holiday with the grandchildren back in 2000, started their love of Areena. A few years later, having loved what Areena offered they took up a more permanent site and become an Areena Clubmember. Fast forward a few more years, Ann sold her business and they both decided to give living at Areena a…

Areena Baby Zebra and Lamb

Although spring is a few months away, we have seen a few new offspring being born at Areena this past week. Firstly we were introduced to an adorable and super fluffy baby zebra. It was proudly paraded for us by its mother when she came for an extra morning treat at the stables.  Little baby…