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Why Kids love to camp at Areena

Remember when as a kid you could safely play outdoors and have fun? Well, at Areena Riverside Resort, your kids can and they love the freedom. Kids can be kids, swim in the river if they want to, climb trees, ride their bikes and be safe. Our large playground has a trampoline, round about, swings,…

Top 10 things to do at Areena

With so many activities to choose from at Areena, we have tried to narrow it down to a top 10 list of must do activities for you. MEET ABBY – our friendly giraffe Abby loves to meet new people. Enjoy a giraffe interaction, get a kiss and take a selfie with Abby. COMPLETE THE 10…

Adventures at Areena

Where good friends meet and adventure begins, the Areena Adventure Village is the place to be. From mild to wild activities there is something for everyone. Activities suited to young teens and adults, with a desire for adventure.  Game viewing with a difference, on a guided quad bike safari tour, have a once in a…

Couples Adventure Package

We are sure by now, lock down has built up your need for some outdoor adventure and activity. We have put together a fun little adventure for you and your partner, to get you out into the fresh air, to get some exercise, do some game viewing and have some fun together. Treat you partner…