Zebras, what colour are their stripes?

Posted on: December 8, 2018, in Adventure & Fun, News

Are they White with Black or Black with White

Ever wondered about the Zebra and his stripes? Have you ever wondered if the Zebra is black with white stripes or White with black stripes? Well we would like to share a bit of information on this stripy little guy.

Zebra’s black and white strips are unique to each and every one. Most people believe that zebra, cousin to the horse and donkey, is a white animal with black stripes, due to the fact that many zebras have white underbellies. However there is embryological evidence that shows in fact the zebra is a BLACK animal with the addition of white stripes and underbellies.

The strips run in different directions on different parts of the animal. These strips have many advantages to the Zebra, it helps cool the zebra, air moves quickly over the black light absorbing strip and then slowly over the white stripes, causing its own breeze over its body. Even though each zebra has a unique stripe pattern, it is unknown whether zebras can recognise each other by their stripes.

So now you know the truth about our stripy friends. Next time you go an Areena Adventure, look out for our resident zebra herd.

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