Where Does Our Areena Water Supply Come From

Posted on: June 2, 2021, in News

Areena water supply is totally dependent on rainfall which fills our dams.

Our area is constantly in drought with inadequate rainfall to FILL dams. Often a “Green” drought occurs where there is enough rainfall to make everything look Green but the Dams still do not get adequate rainfall to fill up to supply our water needs.

Our main Areena Water Supply Dams look full during drought due to the large dam just off the main road being used to top up the dam in the valley at the Touch Farm during times of Drought. This is done by gravity feed and a large quantity of pipes. We then pump the water from this Dam up to the Feeder Dam which is above the Refuse Removal Station. The water is then fed into the reservoirs below this dam where is treated with various flocculants which are very costly. Water consistency is regularly tested.

At all times please treat Water as EXTREMELY PRECIOUS and do not waste. Short showers are requested for all and small baths. Fill the basin rather than let taps run. Avoid using hose pipes and letting outside taps just run. Supervise children in the bathrooms. Report leaking toilets or taps or unusual wet areas where there could possibly be a water leak.

We have installed water saving shower heads in all showers at the resort.

Areena Water SupplyAreena Water Supply dam

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