Try some bird watching in your own Garden

Posted on: June 2, 2020, in News, Uncategorized

Bird watching is an easy activity to do, and can be done from the comfort of your own home, you do not need to venture far. Encourage birds into your garden, by planting flowers to attract sunbirds, create water features, for bathing and drinking. Put up a bird feeder with wild bird seed, and enjoy the bird action that you now have attracted into your own garden. Some birds will even take care of those pesky little snails. So why not start a check list of your own and see how many birds you can identify.

These are few of the birds that call Areena home, and can be quite possibly seen in your own gardens, or surrounds.

There is a great variety of weavers, the noisy little yellow and black birds that call our palm trees home, and are prolific nest builders. Sometimes stripping the palm leaves bear in order to weave their intricate nests.

We are also lucky to have both the Pied Kingfisher, which is the black and white variety of kingfisher, for those of you who are not birders, as well as the Giant Kingfisher, which as his name suggests is much larger than the smaller variety. Both of these kingfishers are fantastic birds to watch, darting into the river and the dams to catch a fish, they have spotted from above.

Not to mention the majestic Fish Eagle, which is often seen circling high above the river, with that unmistakable call he makes.

Our wild fig trees are home to the African Green Pigeon, who every fruiting season are found in flocks, enjoying the fruits of the tree. They have some neighbours who also enjoy the trees, the Black Collared Barbet with their little red faces, and black collars, can be heard building nests in the trunk of the trees.

The Burchells Coucal, or the rain bird, as he is commonly known, is also a resident at Areena, his distinct call is normally the signal to look out for this bird which is more often heard than seen, and often means rain is on its way.  Another bird with a distinctive call is the Scops Owl, this small little owl, is a treat to spot in the daytime, as they are strictly nocturnal, but has been seen at Areena on a few occasions.

When you are next at Areena, be sure to look out for the variety of birds, you will be amazed at how many different species there really are right around you.

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