Squirrel love

Posted on: February 1, 2021, in Adventure & Fun, News

The Areena reception office has been playing day care to two baby squirrels. Squirt, the first baby to arrive, was found wondering aimlessly in the resort, without parents nearby.  Luckily we have a ready supply of baby animal milk powder for when baby animal emergencies arrive. We started to syringe feed the baby squirrel, who thrived. During the day the baby squirrel was looked after by the ladies in reception, and the baby squirrel had the choice of pony tails to snuggle into for naps during the day. Nestling its way into everybody’s heart.

Then a few weeks later we heard the cries of a baby squirrel just outside the office. It was not attended to by an adult most of the day so eventually we added squirrel no. 2 to the day care of squirrel no.1.

So now we have 2 very mischievous little squirrels jumping about the office, on the reception counter, to the delight and fright of guests. The squirrels received numerous daily visits during the holidays from all the children and adults who loved to see the little ones bouncing about.

Fruit and nuts, muesli, and greenery make up the squirrels diet, and occasionally they help themselves to a packed of NikNaks and have a chip.

The little squirrels move freely between the reception and outdoor area nearby as they grow in confidence to return to the outdoors permanently, to start building themselves an outdoor nest.

Baby squirrel snacking on a peach

Squirt the squirrel enjoying the peach.

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