Milkshakes are better with waffles

Posted on: October 2, 2020, in Areena Quays Restaurant, News

When you need a delicious treat or to reward yourself for getting through a challenging week, Areena Quays Restaurant knows just what you need, a waffle and a milkshake, but just not any milkshake, a gourmet milkshake.

Delicious creamy icy cold milkshakes are waiting to be enjoyed at Areena Quays Restaurant. Try our Gourmet Shakes with tantalising Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel or Cookies and Cream flavour, all very popular with the locals. Your firm favourites, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana, bubble-gum and lime are also on the milkshake menu.

Let’s talk about waffles, the rumour has it that in Belgium they were invented during the 18th century by the Chef to the then prince-bishop of Liège. Can you believe the waffle iron can be traced back to ancient Greece! Waffle recipes have been perfected through the centuries and some Belgium Chefs keep their waffle recipe a closely guarded secret. Clearly waffles have been a winner for centuries and still are.

While taking in the beautiful scenery on the restaurant deck overlooking the river, you can enjoy your waffle with either ice cream and maple syrup or ice cream and chocolate sauce, both winners in my book.

Call Areena Quays Restaurant, 0717205867 to book your waffle and milkshake treat, or bring the family for lunch or dinner.

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