Lambs enjoy the playground at Areena

Posted on: September 7, 2020, in Adventure & Fun, News

Our five dorper lambs, born during lock down, have been assisting their flock with grass mowing in the resort. They have enjoyed grazing on the green grass and keeping it short and assisting the maintenance staff with this job.

This weekend they decided to enjoy the spring weather and celebrate tourism month this September by taking the day off from mowing to enjoy the Areena facilities. The two lambs here were seen enjoying the merry go round in the playground area, under the watchful eye of Mother Ewe and the flock.

We caught up with the lambs and asked them about their Areena adventures and this is what they had to say.

Areena: What is your favourite part about Areena Riverside Resort?

Lambs: The green graaaa-aaaas and open spaaaaaces right along the riverrrrrrr.

Areena: What special skills do you have?

Lambs: We have the aaa-aability to sneak in the gate with caaaa-aaars.

Areena: What is the best playground equipment at Areena?

Lambs: We love the merry go raaaaaaaaound

Areena: What do you call a sheep that does karate?

Lambs: aaaaaah that is a good one….. aaaaa laaaaamb CHOP!

Well you have now heard it all from the lambs themselves. Areena is the place to be.

Lambs enjoying the playground

Lambs enjoying the merry-go-round

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