Farewell to Candice and Milly

Posted on: July 7, 2019, in Adventure & Fun, News


We would like to extend a sad farewell to Candice, who will be venturing into the world of sales. Candice has spent the last 5 years with us, guiding adventure activities, as well running reservations in our office. Many of you will have been fortunate enough to at some point in your Areena adventure have met Candice, with through your bookings, or shared an adventure with her.

Candice’s pup, Milly the sausage will also be onto a new adventure in her little doggie life. Milly was always keen for an adventure, and often accompanied Candice.

Candice will be missed by us all, and we wish her only the best and success in her new adventure in life, Milly will be missed to.

Candice, Areena Guide on the AmaZing Zing zip line
Candice Zip lining
Milly the sausage dog, Areena guide
Milly the sausage dog

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