Best Adventure Tourism Experience – Eastern Cape

Posted on: January 6, 2021, in Adventure & Fun, News

As we welcome 2021, we reflect on how 2020 was a tough year, we battled through closed doors, operational regulations, less travellers, and yet we survived. It is due to our staffs unwavering commitment to see the year through, despite the hardships, and for that we are truly grateful. So when we received the news that we had won an award, we were ecstatic, so here we are excited to announce another achievement to kick the year off.

At the 5th annual Travel & Tourism Awards 2021 proudly hosted by LUX Life magazine, Areena Riverside Resort achieved the:

Best Adventure Tourism Experience – Eastern Cape”

“Areena Riverside Resorthas demonstrated excellence and commitment in this industry, even in the face of uncertainty and more than ever, we believe you should be recognised!”

Thank you to all our guests, visitors, adventurer’s, supporters and well-wishers who keep out spirits flying high. Your love of adventure is what keeps us excited about what we offer the adventure tourism industry. The Eastern Cape is a treasure trove of adventure activities, sites and memories, so make the most of our province and be a tourism in your own country, we have so much to offer.

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