Areena December 2018 Holiday festivities

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Areena Colour Run

We had a great time this holiday with sunshine, activities, smiles and good clean Areena Family fun!  From colour runs, to tie dying, to river swims, sandcastle building and even an anything that floats, kept everyone happy and active.

We kicked off our Holiday programme with our annual Areena Colour Run, a trail run through our game reserve with various colour stations along the route.  An excited group of guests set off along our game reserve trail, and ended up looking like little rainbows. And what is the best way to rid yourself of all this colour but a dip into the river.

Areena Sandcastle Building competition

A day at the beach is always a great idea, and this holiday, a small enthusiastic group of holiday makers made the trip to Glen Eden Beach for our annual Sandcastle Building Competition. The creativity was high, the competition was fierce and the castles were impressive! Below is the winning team with their sand art, well done guys!

Areena River Rats Swim

A small group of Areena holiday makers took part in the river rats swim in the Kwelera River. As always parents are keen to enjoy the festivities with their kids, and they were put to the river as marshals in kayaks to help monitor the swimmers.

Anything that floats

Our river hosted the inaugural ‘Anything That Floats’ with giraffe, unicorns, flamingos, stingrays and surfboards taking part. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm, the river was flowing gently and group had a great time, even the dogs joined in.

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