Areena Baby Zebra and Lamb

Posted on: July 6, 2020, in News, Uncategorized

Although spring is a few months away, we have seen a few new offspring being born at Areena this past week. Firstly we were introduced to an adorable and super fluffy baby zebra. It was proudly paraded for us by its mother when she came for an extra morning treat at the stables.  Little baby zebra is looking well, with an amazingly fluffy coat, perfect to keep it warm during this chilly time.

A second and third addition to the Areena family, were the little lambs, born a day apart, these two frisky little lambs are a welcome addition to the flock. The ram is on full time flock protection, keeping his ladies and offspring safe from harm and anyone trying to get to close.

Baby Zebra

Lamb with Ewe

Newly born lamb with mother

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