Agave Attenuata – Swans Neck, Areena Riverside Resort

Posted on: July 7, 2019, in News, Uncategorized

We are fortunate to have some beautiful plants at Areena, and coming across this beautiful flower, I decided I need to know more about it. While doing research on this magnificent specimen of an Agave Attenuata, loving known as ‘the swan’s neck’ I came across some interesting points regarding this plant, that I thought you might find as interesting as I did.

While being extremely drought resistant, these plants, growing in a rosette formation, can get up to two meters in diameter, and after 4 or 5 years sends out a magnificent flower spike of up to 3 or more metres tall.

This is where the interesting information lies, the agave is monocarpic, which means they only flower once and then die. This beautiful flower spike, mimicking a swans neck, hence its common name, is the notice of its impending death. Each spike bears individual creamy green flowers in abundance, weighing down the spike into its signature swans neck curve. Rather ironic, its swan’s neck flower is also its swan song.

So now you know more about this popular plant, you may have in your garden, enjoy it for its shape and form, and drought resistant qualities.

Agave Attenuata plant flowering at Areena Riverside Resort
Agave Attenuata at Areena Riverside Resort
Close up of the beautiful Agave Attenuata

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