Abby the Friendly Giraffe

Posted on: July 1, 2021, in Meet Abby

Have you heard of Abby the friendly giraffe?

Abby is a giraffe living at Areena Riverside Resort Private Game Reserve. He is a male giraffe although he has a girlie name – ABBY. His name ABBY, actually stands for Abnormally Big Baby.  When he arrived at Areena he was just a baby being fed on a bottle. Compared to what our staff are usually used to, he was a huge baby. He became an orphan after his mother was killed by poachers at a local reserve.

Abby loves meeting new people and has an affinity to blonde ladies, who he favours.  Abby is the most photographed member of the Areena family, and guests come far and wide to make his acquaintance and to take a selfie with him. #friendsofabby on Instagram is proof of his popularity, just go and see for yourself. When you post your pics on Instagram or Facebook please use his # so everyone can enjoy the Abby interaction with you.

Abby has fathered three giraffe, the most recent one, we held a competition to name it in the local newspaper. We were overwhelmed with the number of entries we received and the winning name chosen was Gemma. Gemma is now about 4 yrs. old.  When you come and visit Areena, look out for Abby and his family wondering in the game reserve.

Abby’s Family

Abby the friendly giraffe shares his Areena Private Game Reserve with Gemma, her mother Graffiti and Sahara, who make up our four resident giraffes. The reserve he calls home, is also home to wildebeest, impala, zebra, blesbuck, waterbuck, nyala, ostrich, tortoises, emus and a variety of birds.

You can enjoy an interaction with Abby or a quad bike based game drive in the reserve. All activities are booked in advance with reception. You can have your own selfie with Abby, just give us a call on 0437343055 and we can make it happen for you.

Abby the giraffe

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